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We are DLT experts focused on assisting companies how to adapt their businesses to a blockchain enabled world – from strategy to implementation.

Blockchain technology can solve many cyber security and privacy related challenges in a new, but secure and proven way. This solves real business issues and facilitates growth!

Use-Case assessment

Validate business initiatives against current market trends and Identify maturity of use-cases for blockchain adoption. Establish a roadmap for implementation and transition from legacy platform.


Impact on business model

Prepare for managing your business in a new eco-system where data and applications are distributed. Blockchain introduces completely new business model – and opportunities


Platform and architecture design

Decide whether to use a Permissioned or Public blockchain. Create Smart Contracts to automate transactions. Consider performance and interoperability issues and comply with legal and industry standards.

New incentive models

Identify how industry-specific incentive models are established and benchmark current participants. Establish a suitable token model if relevant and propose a practical implementation roadmap.

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