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We are an independent consultancy focused on how to apply blockchain technology to business problems (where it makes sense). We educate and mature business thinking and focus on real world opportunities.
We focus on business value and come with 50+ years of experience in both business and IT and our mission is to disperse the hype around Blockchain and focus on delivering true business value – the technology is a means, not and end in itself

Blockchain maturity assessment

Establish how you stack up against your competitors and industry. Validate ongoing initiatives against current market trends and Identify threats to current business model. Identify potential opportunities to establish a new business model.

Whitebook and project portfolio creation

Establish specific areas and opportunities to improve your business model based on Blockchain. Create a prioritized list of specific projects and initiatives based on payback and quick-wins.

Platform and architecture design

Decide whether to use a Permissioned or Public blockchain. Create Smart Contracts to automate transactions. Consider performance and interoperability issues and comply with legal and industry standards.

Tokenization / Crypto currency models

Identify whether industry-specific tokens are being offered and/or could be relevant in your industry. Establish a suitable token model if relevant and propose a practical implementation roadmap.

ICO and STO Process

Let us guide you in bringing your business model and Token model together in a whitepaper. Address monetization principles and potential crowdfunding mechanisms. Define incentive and reward schemes to maximize contributions to the ICO/STO

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