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Blockchain Masterclass for CXO’s

Understand blockchain, the crypto-economy and the potential threats and opportunities to your business

Get ahead of the learning-curve

  • Blockchain and the crypto-economy will become a game-changer within your industry and disintermediate many players. We will help you understand how, why and what to do about it.
  • In 2 hours you will be on top of the subject of “blockchain” from a technological, business, strategic and political perspective.
  • You will be trained by seasoned blockchain experts, that has multi-year hands-on experience with blockchain and that are appointed members of EU Blockchain Observatory, ISO Blockchain standard bodies and the Danish DI Fintech Panel.

2 hours that will give you a 360° overview of blockchain

The fundamental “Blockchain Narrative”

  • Genesis and evolution
  • The digitalization of Trust, Transfer, Settlement and Contracts, and the following Digital Transformation
  • The Basics of the Technology (for non-techies)
  • When to use blockchain and when NOT to
  • Knowing WHY you need a blockchain will determine which KIND of blockchain you need

What is blockchain technology?

  • Blockchain explained in technical terms (hashing, consensus, mining, tokens etc)
  • Decentralized & centralized models, with emphasis on the emergent decentralized model and it new asset class; the token.
  • The software stack (protocols, platforms, smart contracts, DAO’s and applications)
  • The larger technological context (Internet 3.0, money 2.0, “fat protocol”, digital transformation etc)

What does it mean to business development and -modelling?

  • What is tokenization and crypto-economy
  • What is the impact on business models? What are the new business models?
  • Processes, collaboration, digital money, sector-plays, smart contracts, transparency etc.

What are the strategic scenarios?

  • Programmable Money, decentralization, integration, globalization
  • The political value propositions and likely roadmaps going forward
  • Where is the market now? Who are the players?

Blockchain in your industry

  • Overview, use-cases, platforms and development trajectory

Practical information

We deliver the masterclasse to companies as a customized onsite interactive workshop (max 20 participants, DKK 42.500,- ex vat)

We trim the agenda to focus on your industry and present what others are doing as well as bring forward recommendations on how to proceed

For further information, please contact:

Bo Hembæk Svensson
+45 30103514

What is Blockchain – really….

  • A new technology and secure platform for doing business
  • A transaction protocol on the internet
  • A means of transferring assets in near real-time without intermediaries
  • A currency, clearing and payment method
  • A way to make contracts immutable / irreversible
  • A distributed ledger with irreversible transactions (de-centralized database)
  • Censorship / Manipulation of transactions is impossible

”Ultimately a new way of doing business that will disrupt most business models”

Who we are

An independent consultancy focused on how to apply blockchain technology to business problems (where it makes sense)

We are business people – not techno freaks

We focus on business value and come with 30+ years of experience in both business and IT (we have seen it all before….)

We want to disperse the hype around Blockchain and focus on delivering true business value – the technology is a means, not and end in itself

We want to educate and mature business thinking around blockchain and facilitate the creation of a whitebook / project portfolio within individual companies and take them on the road towards implementation (and avoid disruption

Value Proposition

Blockchain maturity assessment and education

  • CXO onboarding / education
  • Management workshops to identify and map potential changes in business model
  • Validate ongoing initiatives against current market trends
  • Identification of threats to current business model
  • Mapping of potential acquisition candidates to avoid disruption / leapfrog development
  • Innovation board / ideation of new concepts and business models

Blockchain whitebook and project portfolio creation

  • Where does it make sense for the company to apply blockchain technology – if at all
  • Where are the biggest benefits in applying BLC
  • What are threats and opportunities to be considered
  • What is the risk to our current business model
  • How to resource and develop the solution
  • Who should we partner with in our industry
  • Are other partners relevant in a new business model
  • How do we leverage IOT and AI as part of the roadmap

Blockchain platform and architecture design

  • Permissioned/unpermissioned and public/private considerations
  • Smart Contracts
  • Non-functional requirements (performance, scalability, interoperability etc.)
  • Review of industry standards and proposal of new if needed
  • Collaboration with industry bodies to set standards if possible
  • Review of current and imminent public blockchain platforms in the context of industry and transaction patterns
  • Recommended short and longer term implementation roadmap

Blockchain Proof of Concept to test and validate business models

  • Propose the most likely area to test and validate a new business model based on blockchain
  • Recommend and select the chosen architecture and facilitate a small scale PoC
  • Recommend if/how and when to involve an external vendor to deliver speed, agility and scale to the PoC if needed.
  • Execute and report on outcome of PoC and propose relevant next steps in an implementation road map

Tokenization / Crypto currency models

  • Review cryptomarkets to identify whether industry-specific tokens are being offered and/or could be relevant in your industry
  • Propose a suitable response to competiitors if required (join, beat or cannibalize)
  • Suggest a suitable token model if relevant and propose a highlevel implementation roadmap

For further information, please contact:

Bo Hembæk Svensson

+45 30103514